Checks are making a come back!

The Great Recession of the century has changed a lot of businesses across the country and even here in Salt Lake City. Most notably attitudes have changed about money and how we value our jobs. Including attitudes about old fashioned checks. Checks are making a come back. Business in Utah and across the country have been pinching pennies to make a profit. And because of this many companies have realized that accepting credit cards for every transaction is costing them money. Not just a little, but a lot of money. As your outdoor BBQ caterer in Salt Lake City we have always preferred checks over credit cards, because it can save us up to 3%-4% on each transaction. Of course not all transaction fees are that high, but over the course of a year that 2%-3% percent on every transaction starts to add up. So it is nice to see that many local Salt Lake companies are getting back into the business of cutting each other checks for their larger transactions. The general consensus is that if a company pays with a credit card then the caterer will get their money faster. This is not always the case on larger transaction. Often times credit card companies will sit on the cash an extra day or two before depositing the large sum into the account. We appreciate all those companies that pay us with a check at time of service. We do understand that sometimes some companies accounting practices do not allow them to pay with a check at time of service and that is okay too. But it’s nice to see that the old fashioned check is making a come back this decade.