Meier's New Catering Truck

Hey Check out our new Truck!  Wow, it's so nice.  

We had this baby custom built so we can better serve our clients. The truck as a very large refrigeration compartment.  This will allow us to keep the salads and perishables at a cool constant temperature.  It also has a heating unit to keep the hot food hot. Since acquiring our new toy we have taken it on a test drive all the way to Elko, Nevada for a job.  

Elko is 250 miles one way, but when we arrived, three and a half hours later the hot food was still hot and the cold food was nice and chilled at a safe temperature.  What was really cool was when the first time we used our new truck we were able to keep the apple pies that we had just baked warm. We served them up with a side of Vanilla ice cream….mmmmm…. they were delicious.

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